crazy christians:prayer Reversed a Hysterectomy and woman got pregnant.

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  1. ok bible thumpers. lets see a show of hands. who believes this story?

    Mike and Cindy Jacobs recount an episode where Cindy's miraculous healing prayers "completely replaced everything" for a woman who had had a full hysterectomy and she became pregnant.

    isnt lying a sin? and if its true why does god hate amputees? there has never been a documented case of prayer restoring a limb.
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    And while we're at it. Let's see a show of hands. Who actually gives a fuck?
  3. Good one! I'll "send" some money to your PayPal account. :cool:
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    Actually I'd be all too happy to settle for a cold brew and good company to enjoy drinking it with.

  5. One would think God could give an amputee a hand. I mean, what arm could it do?
  6. You're assuming the Doctors did the job correctly.
    There are many cases where less then a full Hysterectomy allows for pregnancy.

    Doctors, medicine and Science are not always right as you think. What is true today is myth tomorrow. Religious texts are the most contestant reliable source of faith over the centuries.