crazy christians: Oklahoma governor asks God for rain

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  1. the governor of texas asked god for rain a month ago. so far nothing. now the Oklahoma governor asks God for rain.
    seriously, is there an educated adult who really thinks you make it rain by praying? what does it say about the state of education in america if our leaders actually believe there is an invisible man in the sky who controls the rain?

    Oklahoma Republican Gov. Mary Fallin asked her constituents to set time aside yesterday to pray for an end to the drought that's gripped her state for months.

    "I think if we have a lot of people praying, it moves the heart of God," Fallin said, according to CBS News. Oklahomans were encouraged to pray for rain to put a stop to wildfires and help out the state's farmers and ranchers.
  2. The problem is that they didn't consult a Native American Shaman about how to do the rain dance. Little do these governors know that speaking into a microphone is the wrong way to do it. They were also wearing the wrong attire for it.

    Really. They should get their act together if they're going to go that route.
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    "Dear Lord, my prayer to You.
    Please, please, break the rules of physics that You created, and allow warming in the far north to continue (I love those newly revealed glacial valleys), but please make it stop in the United States. Amen."
  4. if christians were taught to think critically, instead of using their emotions, they would come to the conclusion that answered prayer is impossible.

    in most cases there are opposing forces asking for answered prayer. in this case a farmer prays for rain tomorrow but a bride planning a big expensive outside wedding for tomorrow prays for no rain. whats a god supposed to do?
  5. They need a Make It Rain Tax.

    Then sure enough when it rains too much, instead of lowering the Make It Rain Tax, they will introduce a Stop The Rain Tax.
  6. Haven't you watched cartoons? He can summon one of mini clouds that follow people around. Except he would make it stay put over a farm.

  7. maybe he just has a sick sense of humor. in my state we are fighting flooding because of too much rain this spring and a few hundred miles south they have no rain.
    to his credit our governor has not asked god to make the water levels go down,yet.
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    It works, ya just gotta commit genocide against a neighboring village, freakin noobs
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    Think the fact that the Gov of GA, prayed for rain in his state's severe drought, & got rain had anything to do with it?

    Tough question, good thing you are not God.The Lord can easily change the climate, rain at night, answer both prayers:cool:
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