crazy christians: make the Church "the dominant influence in America"

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  1. For an atheist, you sure do seem to spend the majority of your time "worrying" about religion.

    Or maybe it's due to all the angst you feel after your "Obama miracle" crashed and burned.
  2. Religion is created by genius; spread by the wise; believed by the fool.

    Intellectual honesty is a skill that has to be learned and a virtue that has to be practiced; it often requires you to accept unpleasant conclusions. (John B. Hodges)
  3. Fascinating quote. Nonetheless, why do you spend all of your time obsessing about religion, when you have nothing to do with it?
  4. Isnt it interesting how atheists have that hate relationship with Christianity. They say nothing about Islam. Nothing about hinduism. Nothing about buddism. Nothing about Sikhism. Nothing about Rastafarianism. Nothing about Wicca. Nothing about Satanism....

    The only thing that they cant stand is Christianity. What is it about Christianity that just sets a fire on them?
  5. Probably because most atheists were Christian or brought up in a Christian environment.

  6. Because , as the title says '' make the Church the dominant influence in America.''
  7. Like it or not, one way or another religion is going to be a bigger influence in our society since 911. Taking the Christmas tree out of the mall is small potatos when considering a mosque near ground zero.

    This guy is no more crazy than a mullah.
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    When do you plan to start?
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    Yeah, I've noticed that too. I'm an agnostic but I don't find Christianity threatening the way the professional atheists do. I consider it natural for a Christian to want to make Christianity a dominant force in America. After all, if you believe that eternal life and escape from damnation require accepting Christ as your savior, you'd be be downright perverse *not* to want to convert everyone to Christianity. Do you *want* to have other people suffer in hell?

    No Christian has stopped me from doing what I as a non-believer want to do. That's more than I can say for some busy body secular politicians.
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