crazy christians: jesus changes your dna when you accept him.

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  1. is seems a preacher can say anything no matter how ridiculous and the sheep in the pews will believe him. is critical thinking lost if you are religious?
    this preacher is claiming that once you accept jesus your dna changes and you become a different person. does he not realize we can test dna?
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    optionable Guest still don't get it do you?

    We don't care if you are a dogmatic nut who is Democratic or Republican!

    The fact that you are a dogmatic nut is what is being ridiculed here. You see anybody rushing to the defense of Obama or Rev. Wright on here??

    Anyone who thinks religion means anything outside your own personal space is a FOOL! Anyone who needs to pretend that he is religious to get the votes of the FOOLS is a bigger FOOL!! And that is the sorry state of American politics.
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    Not right this minute, but I have seen plenty over the last two years.
  5. Who has rushed to the defense of Rev. Wright in the last 2 years ?
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    Change the word preacher to candidate and it kind of reminds me of the last presidential election. Actually, the candidate I'm thinking of had preacher-like qualities.
  7. People confuse DNA with epigenes. DNA is very difficult to alter other than severe radiation or such. Epigenes control the expression of DNA, regulated up or down, on or off.

    Epigenes are extremely sensitive to the environment. Alcohol, Rx drugs, toxins, even stress that you are exposed to will alter your epigenes and your potentially future children's epigenes, even before they are conceived.

    Even the amount of food eaten will dramatically affect the epigenetic expression of DNA in your children's children, even six generations out.

    Your thoughts and beliefs will alter your epigenetic expression.,8599,1951968,00.html
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    Fascinating material, thank you.
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    It has gotten to the point where I know precisely who starts a thread just by looking at the title.

    It will always be a very personal, mean-sprited, hateful and downright prejudiced title started by someone touting himself as a progressive and enlightened person.
  10. bone your ad after the post is long. I think breaking it up into two smaller paragraphs and give each one a short title in bold and large font might help it stand out better. The ad kinda runs together now and could read easier.
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