crazy christians: if America elects a Mormon we will receive God's judgment.

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  1. The problem with Mormonism is that it is heavily modified christianity.

    At the forefront is not Jesus Christ but Joseph Smith and not the New Testament but Book of Mormon. The story of how he allegedly found God's scrolls is just a bit too much for some average protestant or catholic. They also have concepts of how even before you are born you are an adult and had an existence in heaven and how you at the end of it all can govern your own corner of the universe (you can be like optimus prime there).

    I almost never agree with some bible thumping nutcases but if you really think about it, mormonism IS a cult.
  2. as is every other religion. wars have been fought for thousands of years arguing about whos cult is real:

    "I’m a polyatheist – there are many gods I don’t believe in."
    -Dan Fouts
  3. No dispute there. Mormonism is more of a cult outside the boundaries of mainstream christianity.
  4. it is troubling that someone as bright a romney clings to an obvious fraud.
  5. All wars are fought over land/resources. Dont be fooled into thinking it has anything to do with "whos cult is real"

    Atheists are actually the only ones who commit genocide on "religious" populations to show that their cult is the right one.