crazy christians:Christian paramilitary group “The Savior Unit" charged with kidnappi

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  1. Two members of a Christian paramilitary group called “The Savior Unit” were charged with kidnapping and burglary for allegedly conducting a home invasion while clad in ski-masks, military garb and bullet-proof vests.

    Michael Shaun Schaffran, 32, and Cody Jacob Rogers, 18, were arrested after allegedly breaking into a home on Tuesday night in Gautier, Mississippi. They were each charged with three counts of kidnapping and burglary of an occupied house, the Sun-Herald reports.

    According to police, Schaffran and Rogers dressed up in military gear, ski masks and bullet-proof vests, broke into the house, and attacked the three people who lived there. At the time of the arrest, Schaffran had a knife, though Rogers was unarmed.

    Authorities say Schaffran is the “commander” of a paramilitary group of teenagers called “The Savior Unit” or “The Tactical Support Unit,” and Rogers is the “captain.” According to an operations manual allegedly confiscated from Schaffran and Rogers, the goal of the group is to “promote Christ,

  2. Crusaders.....trying despairingly to find meaning outside of themselves to compensate for that which they could not find within.
  3. this is the same dishonest manipulation that is repeated in other threads:

    take non-Christians who call themselves Christians (AVOIDING THIS FACT LIKE THE PLAGUE) and then proceed with partial mental retardation to conclude that this selective sample of 1 is representative of real, true Christians and actions that follow LOVE as taught by Jesus .... that if Jesus were here he would see these actions mentioned above and would say "YES, you are doing exactly as I intended"

    it's laughable to anyone with half a brain, it is about as honest as making a thread titled:

    "crazy christians: adolf hitler promoted christianity!", no he didn't, he warped into whatever he wanted it to be, much like many non-Christians do and you will find all of them to give examples of what? of non-Christians!

    you are only fooling yourself and those more ignorant than you
  4. how do you tell a real christian from a false one?
  5. "crusaders, trying to make the world a better place, to avoid the only choice being just another religion, but in this one you go within to escape reality which is considered unchangeable because of your karma" ... that's what you meant to say right? :D
  6. I am glad you FINALLY asked this, but are you really being sincere? Are you seeing the point and really asking because you see there might be something that doesn't make sense if you can differentiate the two?

    Or is this more like just take whatever I say and try to twist it around?
  7. can you ever just get to the point and stop babbling like an idiot?
  8. Can you ever be productive, not resort to name calling and just answer a question like you are here to actually participate in dialogue instead of preventing one? I wrote 2-3 sentences and you reply above with ad hominem garbage and call that "babbling".

    More distract, derail, hijack, avoid, attack. This is why I asked if you were sincere in your question, your reply by definition is not sincere. If I'm mistaken that's fine, it will be obvious and I'm ok with being wrong. I look forward to it actually.
  9. i think i caught you making shit up and now you are backpeddling.
  10. LOL. Will you just make anything up?! LOL. No mad, not back peddling, just pointing out your toll-ish behaviour! More distract and evade in this reply. On and on you go, like the energizer monkey.
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