crazy christians: 911 prayer.

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  1. yesterday i participated in a 911 rememberance ceremony and parade. they had about 450 bike riders and collector cars in the parade. they had a former new york police officer who was at 911 reading the names of the victims. it was all nice and touching up until the end.
    right before we left on the parade they had to bring out a preacher for a prayer. this dufus actually said "jesus controls everything that happens on earth". well if jesus controls everything that happens on earth and the terrorists flew planes into those buildings a thinking person has to conclude that jesus wanted 911 to happen. if that is the case why are we standing around praising him for something terrible that he wanted to happen?
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    If you're not too afraid, look out your window. I think they're coming for you.

  3. this your family ??? :( .
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    Yes, as a matter of fact we had just been feasting on medium rare liberal.