crazy christians:77 Percent Believe Prayer Can ‘Literally Help Someone Heal From An I

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  1. this is a symptom of whats wrong with america. most americans are not very bright. here we have a poll that shows that 77% believe that if you talk to an invisible man in the sky he will somehow reach down and cure you. never mind that dozens of studies have shown no effect.

    FOX Poll: 77 Percent Believe Prayer Can ‘Literally Help Someone Heal From An Injury Or Illness’

    anyone needed reminding, America is a deeply religious nation, and a new FOX News poll has some data to prove it. Or, prove it again.

    The news network's recent national survey included a question asking if respondents "personally believe prayers can literally help someone heal from an injury or illness." 77 percent of respondents said yes, against 20 percent who did not, and a perhaps surprisingly low 3 percent that admitted they were unsure.
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    If I claimed that meditation could help healing for some conditions, would you have much reaction?
  3. do you think meditation can cure medical conditions or is it a placebo?
    it boils down to this. if you have a medical condition and you have medical science and you have prayer. if you remove prayer from the equation nothing changes. if you remove medical science from the equation you die.
  4. Actually medical science has been proven to kill more people than prayer every year. 783,000 americans die every year just from prescription drugs.

    Another 195,000 people die from medical errors

    So you are looking around about 1 million americans that die each year from medical science.

    Serious question for you....if the shoe was on the other foot and 1 million americans died every year because they prayed, would you call them not so bright? If so, then logically you have to say that people that blindly trust in medical science(like yourself)are not so bright too.
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    Do you believe that, under some circumstances, placebos work?
  6. if we only had prayer and no medical science hundreds of millions would die every year.
    there are are religious groups in the us who still shun medical science in favor of prayer. their cemeteries are full of young children.

    CHICAGO (Reuters) - Four out of everyfive sick U.S. children who died after their parents put their trust in faith healing could probably have survived if medical treatment had been sought, according to a study published Monday.
  7. no they dont "work". they only make believers think they work.

    let me ask you a question. do you believe there is an invisible man in the sky who you can ask to cure you and he will do it?
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    Oh boy, another "crazy christians" thread from our resident crazy atheist.
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  10. Wow...really? they could only find 170 children that died in 20 years? And did you see the bias how they only used the children that died and said not a word about the kids that got better with prayer?

    But ok...lets give you credit for those 8.5 children per year that could've been saved with medical treatment. Lets also ignore the 500,000 that will get seriously injured (several hundred thousand of whom will die) every year because of medical science.

    And stop making up statistics that are not facts. 100s of millions would not die every year. In fact if you look up the death rate in the US, its 8.38 per 1,000 people(as of july 2011). If you look up the death rate for Haiti as of july 2011 is 8.21, which is LOWER than the US, after that big earthquake and next to no medical care there. So how is it that haiti has a lower death rate when they are dealing with so many problems with no clean drinking water, violence everywhere and no hope in the world? Tell me does haiti have a lower death rate than us?

    Oh wait...could it be because of all the people that PRAYED for haiti after the earthquake? If you have a better explanation, I would love to hear it.
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