crazy christian: the universe really does revolve around the earth.

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  1. A few Catholics still insist Galileo was wrong
    They say Earth is the center of the universe, embracing church teachings of four centuries ago.,0,3264179.story

    Reporting from Chicago— Some people believe the world revolves around them — and their belief is born not of selfishness but of faith.

    A few conservative Roman Catholics are pointing to a dozen Bible verses and the church's original teachings as proof that Earth is the center of the universe, the view that was at the heart of the church's clash with Galileo Galilei four centuries ago.

    The relatively obscure movement has gained a following among those who find comfort in knowing there are still staunch defenders of early church doctrine.
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    And that proves they are ALL "crazy"?

    You ever go outside and smell the fresh air?
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    Instead of posting useless threads that change no ones mind.

    Why don't you take a more proactive approach?

  4. Admit it, you are just pissed off.....

    You shouldn't take it so personally, you're not the St Luke of the scriptures. :p .
  5. The way to deal with superstition is not to be polite to it, but to tackle it with all arms, and so rout it, cripple it, and make it forever infamous and ridiculous. Henry Louis Mencken
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    What's even funnier is that I've have suspected for a long time you had me on ignore. But I keep lamb basting your dumb ass anyway, saying anything I want and pointing out your insane obsession and stupidity without challenge. :D
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