crazy christian:Graham: God Will Judge America For Re-Electing Obama Through Economic

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  1. Graham: God Will Judge America For Re-Electing Obama Through Economic Collapse

    hello. earth to franklin graham. before the election all of christianity was praying for god to not let obama be reelected. obama won in a landslide. that only leaves two logical conclusions.
    1. god wanted obama reelected.
    2.there is nobody up there.

    which is it?
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    Didn't you post this already?
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    You forgot the major out: God let Satan influence our hearts and so the election. Why? So that our freewill is preserved.
  4. could be. but that would leave only three logical conclusions.
    1. satan works for god
    2. god wanted obama elected
    3. there is nothing up there.

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  6. 4. There is a God, but he doesn't give a rat's behind about our elections
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    If there was no such thing as evil, Man would not have a choice between good and evil. In that sense then Satan is part of God's plan. This does not shed any light on God's private opinion re Obama as president.

    : )
  8. all the christian preachers were claiming god wanted obama defeated, were they lying?
    what evidence do you have for a god?
  9. I asked him for a few favors and favors granted. God was my last resort.

    As a matter of fact he even threw in a bonus.
  10. 1 Samual 8

    God doesnt want his people to have a king because he is Their King. So I guess the answer is Yes...The preachers were lying, but likely believed their own lies. (Kind of like the way you believe your own lies Freethinker)
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