crazy christian:god sent the 911 terrorists to murder americans.

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  1. shouldnt we be sending the military after god?

    Fischer: The 9/11 Terrorists Were "Agents Of God's Wrath"

    Bryan Fischer says God sent the terrorists on 9/11 to get our attention ... and it has worked, because now Americans pray at baseball games.
  2. And the whacko's fight on. What a mess.
  3. the only way to fight this crap is to expose it to the light of day so thinking people can reject their ideology.
    that is what i strive to do.
  4. Why do you care what people think?
  5. We Have A Responsibility…as unbelievers, we have a responsibility to the future of our species to do whatever we can to disseminate the science and eliminate the myth.

    ‘Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.’
    Albert Einstein
  6. Who gave you that responsibility to tell others what they should or shouldnt think?
  7. as a thinking american its my duty to do my part to save america from you guys.

    what do you think we should do when a crazy christian says god sent the terrorists to kill americans. should we say "amen"or should we call him a fool?
  8. You can say whatever you want, brother. You have freedom of speech! :)

    My question to you is...what exactly do you mean by "save" America from "us guys"? What do you think is going to happen to this country? I mean, it was started by "us guys", It became the most powerful, richest and most desirable country to live in by "us guys" I guess I just dont understand what you think is going to happen? We have had religion around for 1000s of years and we are still here.
  9. My family has been around since the beginning, and we are not part of You guys. Us guys are solid, hard working Americans, not religious fanatics.
  10. FT, do you have certain knowledge that this man is crazy?

    I've always wondered why so many work so hard to try and prove to others that God is a myth.

    Care to elaborate?
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