crazy christian:all legislation should be cleared by preachers before passing

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  1. I'm all for anything that interjects a wee little bit of commonsense/humbleness at our legislators before they go about fvcking up the country.
  2. stu


    ...another good argument for keeping religious references away from legislative consideration.
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    and the televangelists at MSNBC want everything in line with the communisnt manifesto, that's just the way way people are
  4. Right insulate the parliament of whores from common sense as much as you can eh?
  5. stu


    ... a good argument for connecting religious references to legislative consideration.
  6. I'd be all for it so long as we can stone them to death when things don't go as planned.:D
  7. We cannot fall to the depths of having Religion get any more involved in legislation. That would be the end of the America we know today. I support everyone race, religion, and their rights to do as they please, but no place in government.
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    govt is all about beliefs and power. that is all it is.
    telling someone to keep certain beliefs out of it is weird. that is why we have a democracy with some powers limited by the constitution.

    nevertheless, I disagree with the preacher.
    I don't want fundamentalists making laws from any belief system, including atheism... of course my view of fundamentalist is different from a leftist.

    It think a balanced budget is a moral duty... the left thinks it is extreme.
  9. I'm not a fan of the religion of govt like you 2 arseholes are.
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