Crazy Bulls

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  1. Ya'll can have it. I needed a whole bunch of bad news just to break even for the week, and still almost got trampled by the bulls. My bollinger bands are ready to snap and the bulls kept pushing it. Hands sliced open by falling knives.

    I'll just stand aside...or maybe join the herd and keep a trailing stop. You bulls are suicidal.

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    I noticed many people switching to the long side of this market, I guess as long as they pump money into the markets and economy the only way is up. Who knows when its going to happen, but the next global collapse could happen next week or 4 years from now, when it happens its going to look even worse than this one. Sorry but you cannot fight a crisis with more debt, dollars and easy money policies, it can only work for so long until the entire system collapses. I believe the next bubble is forming right now and when it does finally go pop it will be too late of course to fix the problem. They are fixing the problem with more free handouts and that of course is what led to the crisis in the first place.
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    The dems plan to funnel $500 billion into the economy next year leading up to the election....and $250 billion in 2011.....this is insanity.
  4. Won't look so crazy if you're long at a good price :D
  5. Why over-analyze the economy when you can use a stop-loss on your long positions? Once the market implodes again the exits take care of themselves.
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    Think stop loss gonna help ya when the big one hits?

  7. Better make that stop "extra wide" as those nasty crash-gappers tend to fuk a fella's melon all up.

    Look at RIMM in the fall of 08. No where to run baby, no where to hide, LOL!

  8. You're short into an impending inflationary cycle?? We're experiencing the largest fiscal stimulus simultaneously the largest monetary stimulus to hit the financial world ever. WHY THE F ARE YOU SHORT?
  9. I've done it many times over the last few months. Made money on all, but this time broke even. Really depends on your time horizon, don't you think?

  10. Not anymore:

    Banks are returning TARP funds, so money is going OUT of the markets.

    I agree that markets are very fragile.
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