crazy black preacher against gay marriage because it hurts the family

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  1. Crazy comes in all flavors:D
  2. maybe you guys need to learn a little more about tolerance and stop being racists. you can go to stormfront message boards if thats your thing..
  3. wildchild


    What is the current state of the black family? Here is the bigger question, what has decades of blind support for the democrat party done for the black family?
  4. Cool whats your handle over there:cool:
  5. BSAM


    Does two women and a child make a family?
  6. Ricter


    If the definition of "family" allows for it, then yes, it does.
  7. The same as over here, most likely:D
  8. A broken family maybe.

    A family is the two parents who created their children all living together until the kids grow up and make families of their own. Everything else is a broken family. yes that includes single parents step parents and homosexuals.. broken. And no I'm not judging how anyone grew up, their are good and bad natural parents and probably good and bad.. the other stuff I mentioned.
  9. So any family unit other than one ordained by the imaginary sky god is broken?

    Please clarify.
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