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    One of the weapons Government has is ability to send ELF waves into masses and have them hear voices and pose to them as God or the Devil

    They tested these weapons on US public, destroying lives of about 70 people. (instructing them to suicide)

    here is a man who sued US government after they used him, he managed to get government admit they had him under surveillance but said that for reasons of national security they can't say why

  2. ok this thread should just die
  3. lol...another nut job outa of job....posting on ET....WOW..first is was a bunch of paper traders and 9 to 5ers pretending to be in the World oF Wallstreet, now its nutjobs ....
  4. Thats actually an interesting story. If you look up that guy, his case seems pretty genuine. He is sensitive to electronic devices and it causes him to get all red and swollen when he is near them. I dont know about the first story you said though. About them sending elf waves into the masses and making people hear voices.
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    hold on, I think I just heard something...
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    ehehhehe :)