Crazy airport security theater affecting travel & economy?

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  1. Watch the avalanche of lawsuits once one Court allows a passenger suit against the TSA to proceed.

    Airport security fee will go up from $10/leg to $100 to cover their legal fees.
  2. Intrusion on personal liberties are probably part of the business cycle as much as anything else and an underestimated indicator at that I would think.
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    I expect class action lawsuits 10 years from now when a bunch of TSA employees, flight crews, and frequent travelers latch on to some scientific paper that says the machines can cause cancer, and all these people who get cancer decide it had to be the machines.

    Osama tried the shoe bomb. Then they tried the underpants bomb. You know they next one is going to be the rectal bomb, and until they give every passenger a rectal exam, these stupid machines don't make us any safer. If you watch enough HBO and you know that prisoners hide all kinds of "sh*t" in the rectum. If you can store and transport cocaine in your keister, why not an explosive, biological agent, gas canister, or other weapon? These bureaucrats in Washington DC are spending money like mad responding to yesterday's failed attack. In addition to wasting my money, now some $12 an hour rent-a-cop is going to be feeling up my thigh and my ball sack.
  5. Dogs. This will all end with dogs as the solution. Nature provides the solution to all lifes problems.

    Stroll thru a metal detector...walk past armed guard with a trained sniffing dog. That dog perks up your holding drugs, chemicals...etc. They can sniff cancer for goodness sakes.
  6. People should get a choice.

    Planes where everyone is stripped down and bowed down before entering....

    Or planes where you can just buy a ticket and take your seat.
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    they should at minimum have to buy me a drink.
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    Only if Ron Paul's piece of legislation comes through. Currently, they are immune to prosecution.
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