Crazy AH volume.

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  1. Anyone been seeing those crazy AH large large supersized block trades on GE lately.

    Just now some one bought 2507000 x 28.27

    Everyday someone will wait for the bell to close and 1-5 minutes or a bit later slam a big order. I wonder if that is the Mubadala folks.
  2. 5.1 million shares traded AH. Interesting.

    you had several big million+ orders.
  3. c'mon man ! its just some trades that are settling late. no big deal,happens all the time.
  4. And someone also sold 2507000 x 28.27 at roughly the same time
  5. cuz69


    LOL that was funny.........:D

    I agree with the other poster too, probably late settles.
    5.1 mill in a stock like that doesn't surprise me.
  6. I do not see that much trade volume with GE AH. those were some fat trades. a few below.

    ie 4:30 for 2507000 trade x28.27

    5:18 for 1154000

    6:01 for 1250000
  7. cuz69


    I meant relative to it's intraday volume, trades 60-70 mil a day no? So 5 mill AH doesn't surprise me.
    But I don't trade high volume maybe your on to something.
    Good Luck!

  8. With GE once the switch is off, Boom, crickets. some volume but nothing that triggers anything. It was particularly interesting today. Yeah I do like trading high volume stock, blue chips etc.. I only follow a few tickers and after a while you pretty much get a good feel for the tape and how the players are doing,anticipate trades and times to get in out.

    Some days I just throw in a limit buy and sell and it is like autopilot trading :) But it takes months of doing thr same tickers and getting a feel for them.
  9. promagma


    Probably a huge VWAP order .... which executes in small chucks during the day, by an algorithm that attempts to fill the order at the volume weighted average price for the day. Then the trade is reported afterhours.
  10. yes was a vwap order imo
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