Craziest single day in the history of baseball?

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  1. I would say so.

    Craziest action, within the shortest time period I've seen in any sport, ever. Boston lost, and the Rays won within five minutes of each other. The Braves blew a 9th inning lead. New York blew a 9th inning lead. Both wild card teams were 8.5 games back on September 1st, and neither has to even play a tie-breaker game.

    Not to mention both the Rays and Orioles were down to their last out before tying and/or winning their respective games.

    Easily, the most insane night of sports I've ever seen. Good stuff.
  2. It was surreal. That Red Sox, Rays back and forth was almost like some sort of movie script. Yankees leading 5-0, 6-0, 7-0 and the Red Sox fans in Baltimore going wild, thinking there was no chance to come back. Then the rain delay in Baltimore with the Red Sox probably watching that crazy comeback by the Rays, while sitting on a 3-2 lead.

    Of course the NL drama was pretty good as well, but really I've never seen anything like what happened tonight, especially with the backdrop of the epic Red Sox collapse in September. This one might be the all-time biggest one for that franchise.
  3. One wonders if the Yankees softened up a little just to spite the RedSox
  4. lwlee


    I'm a Yankee fan and was pretty cheezed by that ending.

    Complete collapse by the Yankees' secondary bullpen. Blame Giraldi for playing musical chairs with his relievers. 11 pitchers is a joke.

    But the Sox has no one to blame but themselves, they could have forced at least a tiebreaker.

    If Tampa wins the AL championship, they are gonna point to this game.