Craziest PM I've ever received

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    Yeah, this is an actual private message I received on ET. Its been long enough between when I received this message and today that I hope the mods won't mind that I'm posting it here for entertainment purposes:


    Zionists on ET, there is only about 6-10 of them, they don't have moderator status....... YET they control ET.

    How ?

    Simple, if you start a thread that exposes Israel territory growth over the years, of if you mention Israeli revision of history program. Your thread will soon be deleted and you banned.

    You don't have to break any ET rules of conduct, you can be completely respectful and just lay down facts for discussion. Doesn't matter you will be accused of being racist and you will be shut down.

    In the same way Zionists have power over Congress and White House. This is not a joke. THIS IS REAL, people who are extreme minority and couldn't care less about United States, are in control of your future and what happens to you.

    And you allow it, you allow it by being a pussy, not speaking out,

    you know that scrawny little man called Ron Paul, he's got maybe 100 lb in him, he has more guts and bravery than most of you combined.

    Zionists on ET

    Max E Pad - he is not Jewish he is just Zionist,
    he is likely to soon change his stand because more and more inconsistencies in Neocon-Zionist policies are getting to him, he finds fiscal policy of wars and obedience to Israel more and more troubling. His mind is a battle between years of brainwashing, and reality of fiscal inconsistencies. When people like him turn, they become deadly for the other side. Because they feel betrayed.

    Tsing Tao - he is moderate Jew, but hardcore Zionist. This guy is not big on Judaism, but being Jewish compels him to forgive and forget any kind of crime committed in the name of Zionism. He is interesting in that he makes sense in EVERY other topic on ET, except when we bring in Israel. In that moment, he ignores facts and touts party line.

    Mav88 - this guy is hardcore Zionist and Hardcore extreme Jew. This man is extremist. He organizes other less committed Zionists in the background using ET PM system. This man is very intelligent and PURE evil. He will argue that killing non Jewish babies is a good thing because they will grow up to challenge Jewish authority. Which by the way is what number of popular Rabbis in Israel are saying. He defends the new law in Israel which criminally charges anyone who compares Israel to Nazis. $10 000 fine and jail time. So many people see the truth and increasingly call Israelis Nazis that the country had to institute a law to prevent it.

    Trade4profit - This guy is your regular mindless Zionist, his only purpose is to add his complaint button to the tread to make it seem more necessary to be deleted etc...

    377OHMS - This man is a complete lost soul, completely committed to Zionism to the point where he would die for them. He is not Jewish at all, he is simply a low intelligence brainwashed person. This man is a victim, he is human being turned into a tool.

    R.Raskolnikov - This guy is interesting, he is not a Zionist, he is a Satanist, Satanistic parts of Kabala and Talmud are his thing, he supports Zionism not because he believes in it, but as a Satanist he recognizes it as a destructive force and so is willing to back it.


  2. JamesL


    Old stuff. Recycled cold/jason/c-kid crap.
  3. 377 feels special that someone actually pm'ed him.
  4. 377 is special and he has the medals to prove it.
  5. Lucrum


    HEY! I wanna be a "Zionist".
  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Hilarious that I got on that list. "But being Jewish..." LOL...

    I was born and raised Catholic.
  7. pspr


    I don't know if I received that one - I usually delete them after reading the first sentence. However, after reading that one completely, I'm greatly disappointed that I didn't even get honorable mention. :mad:

    Congrats to those who made the cut.
  8. 377OHMS


    lol apparently it is c-kid and is old recycled stuff he has sent out to others previously with diffferent names. Still, it was weird and creepy when I first saw it.

    Now where is that "ban member" button? Shouldn't I have a button for that? :D
  9. Max E.

    Max E.

    You got shafted!

    According to this guy when i turn i can be deadly, and i dont really know how in the fuck he came to the conclusion im a neocon-zionist. :D
  10. I know, I was like wtf? How could they not mention ME!?! Maybe I need to be more outspoken. Guess I'm too quiet about my religious and political beliefs....
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