Cray Supercomputer?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by skepticaltrader, Dec 14, 2005.

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    Does anyone use this computer for their trading?
  2. I have 7, wouldn't trade without them. They run hot hot hot - during winter I never have to turn on the heater, in fact you can fry eggs on them sunny-side-up. They are a bit bulky though, was thinking of getting the new Cray laptop model...

    Sorry, couldn't resist :D
  3. skepticaltrader

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    Is all this so-called "Program trading" that big funds do done on one on these Cray Supercomputers?
  4. all u have to do is turn the condensor on in the cpu housing to get ur cray below 120 degress- duh
  5. I have an X1 here; I have another on order but the goddamn Spanish NIM has an order in and there's some sort of payola deal going on because they're getting theirs before I get mine, even though I ordered mine first!!

    I find that some of the programs I write are bogging it down a bit. Mostly MA cross stuff, but with some of my own modifications thrown in.
  6. Anybody looked at IBM's Blue Gene? AFAIK Livermore Radiation Labs introduced that one. How would it stack up against a Cray?

    Out of curiosity, in what language do you program your Crays?

  7. C/C++ Fortran ... same as always ....
  8. There isn't a reason on God's green earth to use a Cray for anything finance related - except maybe ego. Ever since the Cray Research days, Crays have been designed for bisection bandwidth and vector processing. Finance problems are embarassingly parallel, well suited for much cheaper clusters and NUMA architectures.

  9. I think the thread was a joke .... Very few things in the world of finance would require the old style crays as you correctly point out .....
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