Crawling out of Iraq with our tails between our legs?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by version77, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. Is this the secret plan the Democrats have for the USA?

    That would be a real brave thing to do.

    Leave the country in shambles. Who cares right?

    The Democrats sure don't. They only care about themselves.

    How selfish can they be...
  2. Atlantic


    a simple solution - everybody who wants the army to stay there - should himself go there - and fight for "freedom" - fine - end of the story.

    staying at home and being PRO war is a little bit ...
  3. Eventually things in Iraq will turn out well and the democrats will take credit for it only for just being there and not doing anything different than what the republicans were doing.
  4. (devil's advocate). Interesting, especially since the Party of invasion turned the Country into a magnet for the real terrorists, increased the strife in their internal civil war, and now the democrats are going to do what? Only care about whom?

    Look, it's a nightmare over there, we all know it....we need to stop with the silly partisan nonsense and try to "change the course" and look for a "decent" outcome...nothing is going to be great, but turning the U.S. into civil war between Rep's and Dem's is no answer either.

  5. Thats entirely too rational. Your talking politics here.....
  6. Yeah, I know. My wife calls me a dreamer too. "if only..."

  7. Same here. I told my wife the next time I vote for president it will be for someone without the last name Bush or said "your dreaming...America is an oligarchy"
  8. An insightful and relevant post that raises important issues. NOT!

    Why don't you quit your sniveling and go sign up to fight.


  9. Worse are the suffixes attached: Xxxxx (D) and Yyyyy (R)....

  10. Great idea! How about we apply it to taxes as well?
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