Crashmaker: the books of famous Trader's Vic

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  1. You will remark that he had to write the book with an attorney.
  2. BCE


  3. Linda Davies was also a futures trader and she is now a famous financial thrillers in England:

    "From financial jungle to real jungle"

    "How much damage could I do to this institution if I really wanted to?" she wondered, imagining she was a saboteur with criminal intent. The answer was that she could siphon off millions of pounds.

    Her photo here :) :

    And this is his brother's site about financial scandals

    It is funny I have talked to this guy on a forum a few years ago :)

    Their father is specialist in money system that's why the whole family seem to be so involved in financial matters.

    Interesting :

    Insider Trading
    MI6 Spied on the Bundesbank A former British secret agent, Richard Tomlinson, has alleged that MI6 had a spy in the Bundesbank code-named Orcada, who provided inside information on Germany's proposed interest rate movements.

    U.S. Hedge Fund Supposedly Knew About Intervention The newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported on 27 September 2000, rumours that a leak of information from a central bank outside the Euro zone led to Citibank, one of the leading currency traders worldwide, buying up euros in large volumes for a U.S. hedge fund company.

    Dangerous Liaisons The World Bank is investigating allegations that Leonid Grigoriev passed on inside information to a Russian bank, Inkombank, enabling it to make large profits in various deals. October 1999.

    World Bank Clears Ex-Aide of Disclosing Secret Data The World Bank said this week that an eight-month investigation found no evidence to support allegations that a former Russian representative, Leonid Grigoriev, passed confidential information to a Russian commercial bank in 1993, although it did conclude that he had established a business relationship with Inkombank. New York Times, July 8, 2000.

    Brazilian Central Bank Sleaze Investigations into claims that Salvatore Cacciola paid to get inside information from the Central Bank. April 1999.

    Former president of the Brazilian central bank arrested Francisco Lopes, a former president of the Brazilian central bank, was arrested on 26 April 1999 after refusing to testify in a probe into allegations of insider trading on the foreign exchange market.
    N.B. He was later released and the charges dropped.

    Former Brazil bank chief to testify Francisco Lopes changed his mind about testifying.

    Allegations against Salvatore Alberto Cacciola He was accused of having been bribing a high-rank official in the Brazilian Central Bank for the previous two years.

    Cover Up alleged in Brazilian Central Bank case The Brazilian government may have to re-open the investigations into claims that Salvatore Cacciola blackmailed former central bank head Chico Lopes who was allegedly selling information on exchange rate and interest rate policies to bankers ahead of the local currency devaluation in 1999. May 21, 2001.

    Argentina's banking scandal deepens A congressional committee originally set up to investigate accusations that the governor, Pedro Pou, had failed to investigate cases of alleged money laundering through Argentina's financial system will also investigate the bank's directors. The BBC, 21 February, 2001.