Crashing JP Morgan; Silver Liberation Army

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    Silver Liberation ??

    Army ??

    Sure Why not :)

    For every ounce that somebody buys of silver, JP Morgan sells 20 to 50 ounces of silver that don’t exist; it’s called naked short selling. That’s the simple; that’s the bottom line. They sell silver that doesn’t exist, it’s naked short selling, they’ve sold more than, by some estimates, 3 billion ounces short, but more than a billion certainly, and that’s the entire silver stock above ground. They’ve sold short more stock than exists above ground and they are on the floor everyday manipulating the price every time someone shows up to buy one ounce of silver, JP Morgan tries to sell 10 as a naked short sale. Silver that they don’t own, but at the end of the month, the books have to be square, the cromags have to physically deliver; just a few days ago, the cromags came once again within a hair’s breath of collapsing due to physical deliver; every month it gets closer and closer, and now, with what’s happening with the silver liberation army, which is being launched globally around the world, we are going to take whats remaining of silver, off, out of the physical stock, off the physical market and put JP Morgan six feet under.

    Only news outlet that lets Max talk is RT
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    Come to think of it it's not a good idea to short JP Morgan.

    Morgans own portion of the Fed and they will get bailed out secretly or publicly regardless of silver manipulation.
  3. Makes my blood boil. They get to make the exciting trades, AND they don't lose all their money?
  4. "Max states that once silver hits $47 an ounce, JP Morgan will be in shambles"

    Silver is >$47, JPM +0.5% - something does not add up...
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    I think Max made a mistake.

    He assumed market is still at least a little on its own.

    JP Morgan was probably already secretly bailed out by The Fed.

    Sorry Max things are worse than you know :cool:
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    How does everyone know JP Morgan is short silver btw? Someone have access to their trading book?
  7. didn't jp morgan cover a lot in like november or something, the first run up through the mid 20's$
  8. JPM does nothing naked. If they are short futures then they're long physical or swaps.
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    Whats the point of this thread about JP shorting naked?

    Any Jack & Jill trader worth 0.02c at his brokers can short naked any physicals be it Gold/Silver/Oil/Corn and if he knows what he is doing get paid for selling something he never or intended to own.

    To me thats the epitome of Capitalism.
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