Crash: in Detroit what kinda house can I get for 299k?

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    Proving once again that diversity is our strength!
  2. Why would anyone live in Detroit?
  3. I live in the Detroit suburbs. The reason it won’t sell quick is because of location.

    Human infrastructure essentials from education to shopping are poor, leaving or are now nonexistent. There are many more homes like this in an old beautiful area of Detroit that come from a grander era.

    I know many people that have poured their life savings into these homes like this one. Then they gave up as the city came apart around them.

  4. What would the property/school taxes amount to for this house?
  5. Shitty weather
    Shitty schools
    Shitty political system
    Shitty taxes
    Shitty economy
    Shitty crime
    Shitty future

    Still don't know why anyone would consider living in such a Shitty place.
  6. Forgot some more

    Shitty jobs
    Shitty entertainment
    Shitty transportation system
    Shitty quality-of-life
    Shitty air quality
    Shitty airport
    Shitty name brand (would you really want your address to read Detroit, MI?)
    Shitty sports
    Shitty culture
    Shitty automobiles...
  7. Wow...

    This includes a multi-victim shooting July 31. According to police, a backyard party on the 18000 block of Bradford was shot up and five people were injured. Also that day, a 56-year-old man was found fatally shot on the 12000 block of Rutland.

    Earlier in June, an 8th grade graduation party was shot up on Westwood in Detroit and three people were seriously injured. Authorities have charged Antonio Jevon Fletcher, 15, as an adult in that shooting.

    Also in June, two people were injured during a shooting at a Mackenzie High School reunion picnic. Weeks later, in July, five were injured during a drive-by shooting at a Cooley High School reunion.

    After a 3-year-old was shot and killed in July when a bullet pierced the front window of her family’s apartment, Godbee said there has to be public outrage. Aarie Berry was killed after a daylong neighborhood fight escalated.
  8. The problem with this is the effect on other houses' prices.

    There were other homes in Detroit that looked like the Brady family's house (the TV Show). They were in good condition - but were asking 325k. All those houses now have to go lower in price. Rinse and repeat.
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