Crash headlines from 10 years ago.

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  1. Figured somone might get a kick out of this. So I rummaged through some old Financial newspapers and scanned it. Something to look forward to tomorrow.
  2. Thanks atticus, I think I figured out the problem.

    Headlines from the Financial Panic of 97. Here is the pic.

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    The market turned higher next day after this drop.
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  5. and that was the exact time to buy.

    the markets never looked back.

    same thing will happen now.
  6. Keeping with the theme...

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  7. This is where the USD is headed:

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    When the above begins to hapen, you have bank runs

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    Eventually society dis-integrates into chaos

    Then Dictators come into power

    People fight back

    End Result?

    More concentration camps in the midwest.

    Yet another generational shift of wealth to replenish the trust funds of those who actually control everything.

    The trick is to figure out when the trust funds begin buying and buy with them. Once in a life-time opportunity to build your own generational wealth coming up ahead.