Crash Alert!! 10/16/07

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  1. gold 770
    oil 86.70

    dollar to 0

    dow will have a -300+ day in the next week(today is very possible, more likely after expiry)

    13875 to 13600 then 12300

    yen will moonshot
  2. I shorted 5,000 x 14k Oct YM mini call options for this Friday. Risk free $$$.
  3. Can you use the premium generated by the sale of the call-premium to buy 20,000 short-dated, deep-deep-out-of-the-money puts? That would make for even more free money.
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I will buy 20k x 1500 ES put options expiring Friday today. It's great to know they're giving away risk free $$$ in the markets!
  5. and oil and grains is going to get ripped apart by the carry unwind if not today, very soon. maybe -3 CL soybeans limit down?!
  6. I thought the carry trade was already unwound in August? Did they rewind it?
  7. no way, GBPJPY was back to 240+

    wait until that pos takes out 220 low, then chit will really hit the fan

    GET SHORT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Okay Okay, I shorted 15m notational of GBPJPY @ 237.52

    Will let this one ride down to 220.
  9. Risk free $$$$$$$$$$$ ? Where ? Here I am ! Put option buying ? Sale of call options ? I am with you, guys ! :p
  10. The bulls are going to get their balls ripped off today. I see a -1000 day for the Dow:

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