Crash 40% Down, In Two Weeks

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    2007 (????)

    See jpeg
  2. I see a wave coming...and its a wave of ridicule....

    But ok, sure why? Please elaborate....

    B/c I am so confused on the reason anyone would state that.
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    Oops here is jpeg
  4. I guess should start buying some puts, putz
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    using your pattern 1946, 1987, ???

    next 41 year cycle should end in 2028.
  6. Here is an interesting chart for Elliott students. Dow INDU/Monthly from Advanced Get.

    Notice the 5th wave (5) of a 5th wave (5) of a 5th wave (v).
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  7. the below chart may be a bit more clear for those not familiar with your counting convention.
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    I’m not really a good market predictor, as it shall do what it does. I do however notice a negative divergence in stocks making new 40-day highs. This chart shows the green line showing the divergence. Yellow is S&P500 and Red is just the RS of the 40. It does flag a caution signal to me and has me in a more defensive position as far as entering longs.

    I do like to see a flush out as back in March before getting aggressive. Not sure thus far if this dip is a buying opportunity and will remain in cautious stance.
  9. Data mining :D .
  10. not going to happen
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