crappy trading day indicators

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  1. Curious what your criteria is for crappy trading days. The following has worked well for me:

    1. Stay out 11:30-2:00pm ET
    2. 15min volume must> its 200MA
    3. Swing volatility:
    Use the following variables:
    A=(Max high 15 bars) -(min low 15bars) on 1min time frame
    B=60MA of A
    C=500MA of A
    Trade only when A>B>C

    This will definitely miss some moves but will keep out of the crazy bipolar stop-n-start days. Always some tradeoff.

    Note this would have reaped profits on a good day like 1/8, whereas a fairly crappy day like last Fri 1/11 would have been omitted. It also indicates when a crappy day turns into a good day.

    Your ideas?
  2. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    When Ben speaks.

    Also, how does one plot a MA on volume? I'd love to know as it seems interesting.
  3. if v >average(v[1],200)then begin plot1(c,"va-200");

    anyway when you say 200 it's not day i think is 200 15 minute periods? or do you really mean days? mb

    never mind i read your post again. some good ideas.