Crappy restaurants that still exist

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  1. I went to this burger joint called Johnny Rockets the other day, and I felt so ripped off. The burger itself set me back $7+. It is really no big deal, but the burger just tasted so plain and greasy. It's not worth $7+. Also, it was just a burger; without the side--no fries or salad. Oh, and the bottle of water (Dasani) cost me $2!

    Normally, I don't mind paying $10+ for a burger with a side when I am eating at a bar, but the burger I had at Johnny Rocket tasted just like a $3 A&W burger. I had much better burger at better value.

    I would never recommend anyone to go there.

    Please feel free to add crappy restaurants in this thread.

  2. McD
  3. thumbs up on five guys, thumbs down on chick fil a.
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  5. Do you guys know that there are "Dunkin Donuts" that do not sell donuts. I sent them an e mail and asked whazzup with the sign. The sign sez donuts!!!!" That ticks me off.

    Secondly they don't have nutty donuts, someone somewhere might have a peanut allergy. Granted a few shops carry coconut donuts but not the one near me, so screw 'em. I just go to Wall Marts and buy up some of their beef jerky style "French Cruller" donuts that you have to rip apart with your teeth and put my own nuts on them.
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    I used to live one block away in an old apartment. Fantastic.
  7. Love that 'fixins' bar too!

  8. I don't really consider most of these "restaurants", but here goes-

    Awful/Un-edible- Denny's, McDonald's, Applebee's, White Castle, Smokey Bones, Taco Bell, Johnny Rockets, Bennigans, Pizzaria Uno

    Could go maybe once a year- Burger King, Wendy's, KFC

    Tolerable- Houlihans', TGI Fridays

    Actually like the place- Outback

    In short, I think most restaurant chains are garbage. Give me local italian or steakhouse and I'm all set.