Crap GDP numbers buy dips

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  1. With the market still in the bull run these numbers will provide a buying opportunity nothing more
  2. Got a little too long?
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    the euro is at record highs, dont want for dips there isnt going to be one, its up all day long
  4. Dollar falling some more. Good news for the big US-based multinationals. Need to worry about USD/JPY and the carry trade issue?
  5. What I find bizzare is that the US is the worlds biggest importer of goods yet so many people on here love the falling dollar which brings with it imported inflation. I am missing something
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    yes the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent
  7. I find it interesting why we have to label the market irrational or rational. All I know is if I am on the wrong side and trading against the market then I am losing money. How many people were short Nasdaq 1999 and lost their a**?? Only to go long early 2000. Timing is everything and the market will let us know when it changes its mind.
  8. Crap GDP=no interest rate hike
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    Crap GDP= future recession = guaranteed(by history) stock market correction
    markets are irrational, that doesnt mean we shouldn't be buying
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    This is priceless. This one paragraph sums up everything that I have learnt. No indicators, no forecasting just understanding what is happening now.
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