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    Every weekend I run my Ad Aware, Crap Cleaner and Backup my day job work files, Then shut down and restart.

    Every late evening my AVG Grissoft antivirus software is set on scheduler to run automatically.

    Michael B.

    P.S. Since doing this routine without thinking about it on all three of my computers, I have less Windows lock ups in 98 and XP home and XP pro run very fast and without problems.

    P.S.S. Amazingly all of this "maintainence routine" uses freeware and does not screw up my computers like Norton did.
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    hey nice little appl.

    thanks for sharing!
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    save me quite number of clicks to clean recent doc, thnx.
  4. My list is:

    Have McAfee Security Center + Live Scan running always (only $25/yr subscription and they have updates every few days)

    Run AdAware and SpyBot one a week - both of these are free and are regularly updated - both are best in class, I think.

    They remove Adware, SpyWare, Malware, Bots, Dialers, etc. in files and Registry keys.

    What ever you do don't download Kazaa, only the Kazaa Lite version. The full version can screw things up pretty good by leaving tons of spyware.
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    HAHA Got the same routine w/ AdAware SPybot Norton and defrag