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Discussion in 'Trading' started by patefern, Aug 22, 2003.

  1. Couple of days ago I read how the crap was going to be cut out and thought it wasn't a bad idea. The crap drives away the posters who have ideas to exchange.

    Two years ago I started reading this board because Alan Farley had a link on his website. This morning I read his "things he hates about Wall Street" and one was what he called "board slugs" and how they destroy rational communication, and that the anonymity cripples the boards.

    I don't know if Alan visits here, I think he does, or did, and the crap was probably the reason he removed the link from his website.

    I am totally against censorship, however moderators should remove the useless and negative pettiness.
  2. For all its warts and bruises Elite is still a unique resource. I refer traders here all the time, especially when they have serious questions that need to be answered.

    As for why the link isn't there, I'll be damned if I can remember where it was or why it was pulled. Maybe Barron and I were having a food fight or something. That comment was inspired by this place and the Yahoo board. An anonymous environment requires a lot of self-policing. There's very little moderators can do about a lack of basic manners and mutual respect.
  3. Count on it!
  4. "As for why the link isn't there, I'll be damned if I can remember where it was or why it was pulled."

    Morning Trader, 7 bells, left side under heading for boards.

    PS: The one sentence market comment has always been good.
  5. Alan, you´re reading this?

    Thank you for your book & your "Predator or Prey?" article. I removed the Bible from my bookshelf in order to have enough space for your brilliant work.

    And regarding the article:
    it strongly inspired my diploma thesis one year ago and helped me get my career in institutional trading started

  6. :eek: :confused: :(

    Hopefully you put your Bible somewhere within easy reach, but that is a thought for another thread isn't it?
  7. good commentary, also his article mentioned:

    White guys in suits....
    Death spikes -- 20 point futures moves...
    Board slugs ----

    huh, we all qualify for that....