Crames says someone tipped off discount rate cut....

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  1. Crames, I call him Crames, declares Financials ' trade yesterday says someone had it, and this morning.

    Odd, since Poole gave such a hawkish interview to Bloomberg.

    The Fed has a leak. Don't worry, the SEC is all over it.
  2. Yes, the SEC is all over it, I think the SEC staff was long from the double bottom low...


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  3. That was so funny. :D
  4. Isn't Buffet's scooping up financials yesterday a clue something was up... It would be pretty easy for Cramer to "parrot" buy financials without any "leaked" info... coincidence IMHO
  5. Hmmm...maybe good idea to work for FED...hmmmm...:confused:
  6. All people on wall st. have to do is offer the fed's janitor $50 to let them know when there is an emergency meeting. They can reliably guess what the mtg. is about, unless you're suggesting that Paulson let the beans out.
  7. I'm not suggesting anything. Well, I guess I am. I do think it's remarkable that Crames, I call him "Crames", called it "fabulous inside information". I thought it was "illegal" inside information.

    And by the way. I doubt nothing anymore. I don't think for a minute these morons will take this reprieve to clean up their act. I don't even believe Jesus had soft brown hair and blue eyes, like they paint him on the plate. So, did someone leak it? Crames said so. Good enough for me. He knows everything. Just ask him.

    Call me a cynic.:D

    On a serious note, something has to change. All this inuendo and intrigue is crazy, and doesn't instill confidence. I can play any game, but damn, how about a rule or two that could be obeyed?
  8. He does it for $25
  9. Prolly two types of "illegal" inside information. The good illegal info where everyone benefits and the bad "illegal" inside info where one guy gets all the goodies and everyone else is pissed cause they would have done the same thing but didn't get the chance.
  10. After yesterdays action I was not at all surprised by todays Fed move....of course someone knew, that is how the game is played.
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