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  1. July 8 nypost, and I had missed it. Hope it's not a repeat, but I think it's a good indicator of the public mood........

    Ratings drop

    The good news for CNBC’s Jim Cramer, host of “Mad Money,” is that, by his own estimation, fewer people hate him today than hated him at the beginning of last summer.

    Let us explain.

    “Mad Money,” in its first two years on the cable station, was one of CNBC’s biggest hits. It was the only reason folks tuned in after market hours - so much so that the brass scheduled it three times a day.

    Cramer got so much ink from his success that, he wrote recently, people started to hate him for it. In fact, Cramer wrote in the June 4 issue of New York magazine, “for every person who likes what I do, there are a dozen who hate me for it.”

    Well if Jim’s correct, a glimpse at the latest ratings book - which shows a 39 percent drop in the audience for the 6 p.m. show - far fewer people like him. Which means far fewer people hate him. Right?

    The folks at Nielsen report that Cramer’s 6 p.m. show attracted an average of just 57,000 viewers. That’s not helping “Fast Money,” CNBC’s show at 8 p.m., which saw ratings tumble 57 percent to 56,000. Nielsen only monitors shows that draw a minimum of 51,000 viewers - under that and it’s a scratch.

    While Cramer is surely rooting against a scratch, just think of how many fewer investors will hate him should that happen.

    Richard Wilner
  2. What may be more important is the fact he isn't losing viewers to a rival, fewer people are in the market? Maybe it was Marty Zweig who tracked magazine covers to call a top to a market, maybe this is the precede before the bear, a poor climate for investing, Don't know.

    Just finished the "Confessions of a Street Addict", for a guy on the inside (hey he worked for GS) he surprised me with what he admitted he didn't know. He got screwed a few times.
  3. I think the little guy is leaving; in spite of what the averages say, he knows he hasn't a prayer. That's what the ratings say. THey see Cramer as a bad guy, and a large number of people have enoughmoral fiber to realize if they bed down with dogs, they will get fleas.
  4. It's probably less about the market, and more about the fact that Cramer's style gets <b>really annoying</b> and tiresome after a while.

    How many times can a person hear a little kid come up to the phone for a 'booyah' and still think that's remotely original or entertaining?
  5. I'm skeptical about the way the story is presented. First, they focus entirely on the 6PM show, without mentioning the ratings of the other showing(s). Given that a lot of people like to be outside during the summer months, maybe more of them watch it at night OR tivo it (which I don't think shows up in neilson ratings, unless something has changed).

    I was also surprised to see that cramer dropped 39% to 57k while fast money dropped 57% to 56k. That would imply that Fast Money was the more popular show with viewers, prior to the drop. So for them to report that Cramer's drop impacted Fast Money sounds like a stretch to me (especially because of that boring show they play at 7pm which would drive most viewers away regardless).

    I agree with the previous reply that the show gets old over time... I stopped watching regularly after a few months because of the constant booyas and sound effects. I still catch an episode every now and then.
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    On the Money is terrible and Melissa Francis needs to think about a new career - she is horrible! I hate those open-forum debate shows like Bulls and Bears - if I want to hear someone argue, I'll talk to my wife! :)
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    I agree with the comment about his style.. As a person we can\'t have much against him, he is simply trying to do his job, like each and every one of us do.. But his style becomes monotonous and annoying- I think if he changed his style, appearance around a little, the show might end up picking up again..
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    I agree about his style- if he changes that the show might improve..