Cramer's trading rules

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  1. This is coming from a putz who can't beat the market. Notice how a lot of his rules contract each other?
  2. I can't stand the man and his mouth, but he makes me money sometimes.
    If a stock gaps up on his promotion and starts to turn south in a weak market then I often make money shorting it, taking money off the table as it falls, but always covering if it gets to the previous day's close.
    That's my Cramer trading rule :)
  3. short his recs after the open or premarket.
  4. Cramu's trading rules?

    I thought they were: Get scared and sell at every market bottom. And scream BUY at every market top.
  5. LOL
    I thought his rules were scream loud enough and someone will be daft enough to believe whatever you say; and worse get some network to pay you to scream.
    Mmm......maybe he's cleverer than we think......
  6. Why Cramer seldom issues market timing advice?

    He keeps suggesting "bullish" stocks even during corrections, or non-trending markets.
  7. HEHEEEHHEHEH.......Cramer.....he is one funny dude.
    Should be on COmedy Central not on CNBC.
  8. Cramer's show would actually be very good if it:
    a)ended that booya bullshit.
    b)did'nt recommend stocks
    c)just basically talked about how hedgefunds worked the market that day. talked about the stuff that the regular talking heads are afraid toi talk about.
    i also think he is foolish be recommending a stock just because he thinks the ceo is good or that a stock is a sell because its at a new 52 week high and needs to pull back.
  9. Even at the detriment of my portfolio, I hope the fed doesn't lower rates just so Cramer completely losses it Michael Richards or Mell Gibson style. That way everyone will see what a buffoon he is and he will be canned.
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