Cramer's Track Record: No Better Than Coin Flip

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  1. Cramer's record of calls was dissected by this group, which has also done it for many other celebrity stock pickers. their conclusion? He is basically a coin flip, has no discernible valuation grounding, seems overly influenced by forceful advocates he talks to and relies on historicla analogies.
  2. Not much of a study. You got someone better?
  3. Well, how has his paid service done?

    I'm not a Cramer basher, but he's suddenly got enormous influence and people need to understnad that although he is smart and sounds very logical, his record is mixed at best. Yesterday he was bulling ELOS, which has a laser "treatment" for cellulite. Hardly the next MSFT.

    Actually, I look at his record another way. I think he is probably smarter and better informed than 90% of the people in the stock trading game, yet he can only break even. That tells me it is a very tough game, plus you will not make it solely on macro themes.
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    I have a feeling that Cramer is a FAG.
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    His Action Alerts Plus is terrible. Week after week he will watch things go down and just advise subscribers to buy more. The best thing to do with it is watch all the sheep buy his picks for 3 days, and then short the hell out of anything he picks, it is a sure fire way to make money.
  6. Do you feel that in your loins?
  7. Show me a public guy that makes money consistently. Exactly what standard are we holding Mr BooYaa too?
  8. Love the show Jim ! BOOOOOOO YA !!

    I want that "sell-sell-sell-sell-sell" audio track! :D
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    His paid service's performance isn't bad. surprisingly he is up like 4% YTD, which isn't amazing, but solid considering the market we are in, I guess. If I had to pick I would definitely join Realmoney over Action Alerts.
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    4%..........i feel that in my loins
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