Cramer's Star Outshines His Stock Picks - This week's Barrons

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    An interesting tidbit that really caught my attention:

    I have been noticing this since 2005. I run scans for stocks rising with an increase in volume, and I notice that when I research them on the internet, they often have new coverage from Cramer's website.

    The implication by Barron's here is that there is a "leak", which they carefully point out they are not accusing anyone of. I honestly don't think there is a leak either, I think that Cramer and his staff are looking for stocks just like myself and many other stock pickers do, ones that have an increase in trading activity. I really think that since Cramer left the hedge fund industry he is out of the loop. I would be willing to bet that the people he used to rely on for info back in his trading days probably don't even return his phone calls anymore.
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    If you are a part of the media in any form, a tv host like Cramer, or a book author or a radio host, you do not want to get on the bad side of Barron's. Back in the 60's Nicolas Darvas wrote his second book called, "Wall Street, the Other Las Vegas". Barron's refused to allow the publisher any advertising space because Darvas was accusing brokers and exchange members of shenanigans. Hence, his second book was a flop compared to his first.

    Back in the 90's there was a group of people who kept track of the Barron's Roundtable stock picks and they published their study showing that the Roundtable sucked, much like Barron's is doing to Cramer now. However, Barron's struck back at them saying that they skewed the data to make them look bad. Back then the digital information age was just getting underway and print media was still the dominant force. Barron's got the last word back then and the study was dismissed as bunk.

    However, as we continue moving forward in the digital information age, Barron's will become less significant.
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    There is no bigger fade than Barrons. I just cant imagine them having the audacity to point fingers. Insanity.
  4. Short TSCM.

    That's my call for over a year now.
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    "Yet the last time Barron's inquired about Cramer's stock-picking, CNBC responded with cherry-picked success stories; lawyers; calls to Dow Jones executives; and an end to Barron's regular presence on CNBC."

    An excellent read. Thanks for posting this, seaside.
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    I miss some of the interviews in Barrons but overall the magazine has gone downhill over the last several years and I have stopped buying it. CNBC should do an exposé on the performance of Barrons cover stories, or staff reporters picks.
  7. dude, what hasn't gone downhill in the last few years.

    from your account to Britanny's ass, all lower.
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