Cramer's mad money

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  1. his show is akin to those low level sports betting shows that the casino's in vegas advertise. the one's where you get 3 or 4 guys offering their picks and then telling to to call a 900 number. cramer is all over the net advertising his picks on the,its a joke. also,i think he has alot of his friends call in to hype his show. i know for a fact that Doug Kass of Sea Breeze Capital called in.
  2. He moves stocks. Masi yesterday, people listen some hate him others don't care. I look at it and say WTF. But it's action i can trade so i take it as it comes. But you may be right, and it's Jim or is it pee wee herman?
  3. does cramer make this shite up as he goes along? every week theres a new lesson. whatsupwiththat? how many revelations are there? these lessons he learned as a hedgie? or last weekend :D
  4. He's in the business of selling add time on his TV show. Just so happens his business background is in the market, so thats what his show is about. Some people like it others dont. He's not in the business of losing money or pissing viewers off by losing money, simply because that would hurt his ratings and the show would end.

    I dont understand why so many people hate this guy, if you dont like him dont tune in. If you really think that away from the pomp and circumstance of his show that you know more then he does and you're a better money manger then he, thats wonderful. He's been in the business for a long long time at some pretty good places too.
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    You can't just tune him out because he moves stocks so much. That is what is so aggravating about him. Plus the fact that he takes credit for all his pumps that work and for the ones that don't he says "you should have bought a week later." Can't have it both ways.
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  7. i don't think people hate him. i certainly do not. what we hate is what he stands for. mad money epitomizes what CNBC has becaome; a joke. fox's "bulls n bears" is even worse. so why don't we just tune them out? we do but us serious traders are aggrevated because we want a show thats serious and not a show that in my opinion makes the market out to be a circus game the whole family can play. when i see mad money,i can picture a family of 5 in middle america all watching while eating popcorn and holding note pads. they then go out and buy all those ridiculous picks.
    when you guys say he moves a stock,as soon as he mentions a stock it gaps 2 points so its almost impossible to make money off the trade unless you short. more often then not it trades sideways. its a suckers bet on either end. the best thing for a serious trader to do is never watch his show. Cramer's most insightful moment was the you tune piece where he exploited the games the hedge funds play. of course he later recanted what he said.
  8. the "you tube" piece.
  9. We live in an era of reality tv. All television programming is formatted around this trend. Thing is, it's all fake.. Don't you know?