Cramer's Mad Money has grown on me.

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by The Kin, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. I use to like Cramer for the secrect edge he created for me and other daytraders when he mentioned stocks. I never thought he was any good for anything else though, but now I have to admit that I was wrong. He does know what he's talking about and offers some interesting insight.
  2. cmk


    Ha ha, that is a funny joke. Cramer and "Interesting insight" in the same statment.
  3. The posers here will never admit it.

    Ask YentaZen.
  4. My god, still talking trash about Cramer. Some people follow him and some don't. I personally don't watch his show but I sure as hell don't go around bashing him every chance I get like some of you losers do. And guess what??? He has his own hit show on CNBC that a lot of people DO watch and follow. How many of you can actually even come close to that. Don't hate, appreciate. Bottom line, watch and follow him or don't. That's all folks.
  5. The "detractors" of Cramer fail to understand that his antics, sound effects, etc are necessary to hold the everyday investor's attention. Otherwise they'd rather watch paint dry than sit for an hour and listen to someone drone on in a serious tone about the stock market. Cramer is informative and his delivery makes it quite fun.

    As far as this ridiculous commentary that ET members make money by taking contrarian positions to JC... it's a load of crap. The call on SHLD alone is now over 100 points. Then there's UNH and GOOG
  6. Cramer said he would do a lightning round with a blood pressure and heart rate monitor attached. I'd really like to see that.

    Another version would be a lightning round while people throw dodge balls at Cramer simultenously.

    An underwater version...

    and episode while freefalling or maybe while in that zero gravity plane

    ...another lightning round while going over Niagra falls...

    ...another in a stratospheric balloon with Richard Branson the 'extreme billionaire'

    a lightning round with Cramer in virutal reality...
  7. I take great pride in being one of the first and most vocal of Cramers defenders going WAY BACK, here and elsewhere.

    Ask the YentaZen what his problem is.