Cramer's Mad Money Calls

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    Does anyone subscribe to his service like Action Alert? If so, does he mention his picks there BEFORE he does on Mad Money?

    I know JC is kinda hated on ET but you gotta admit his Mad Money calls at the opening of his show are good for a 1-3 day pop. I should know. Was short KBH and the SOB comes out, pumps it, and the stock reverses for about 20% in 2 weeks.

    I wanted to kill the bastard.

    Anyway, If you can't beat em.....
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    I like Cramer's entertaining value. His long term average is the same as market's with a 2 multiplier. So you might as well just play the Spiders with a 1:2 margin, cheaper on the broker's fees and you don't have to do research...
  3. I have a confesson to make.

    I turned on Cramers show...Yes I did it..i did it with my own free will.

    I needed to hear his rantings and see veins popping and sometimes objects flying....

    I find myself drawn to his show latley..he grows on you...he mixes in some truth about trading, especially lateley or is it just me?...

    I will now bow my head in shame...I am not worthy to call myself a trader. Heck, i do not even trade equities, but I am getting back into swingtrading the YM to diversify myself from currencies, so I thought I would turn on his show. It is definatley the most entertaining show on TV for traders by one even comes close..he has a unique presentation and will be around for a while, i do not trade his calls, but i listen for his quiet times when he is teaching...

    Michael B.
  4. of the cnbc pop crap, I'll admit I like fast money a little bit more. can't take cramer's constant screaming and talking about things he doesn't truly know (in other words, BS). hearing him talk about tech makes my skin curdle with embarrassment.

    thank god tradethenews puts cramer's calls on nice and quick - saves me the emotional stress of having to endure his show.

    btw, when he is normal voice, he's not that annoying..
  5. I used to watch Cramer with same love as I watched Pokemon when I was 9. But after him screaming wrong details and being wrong constantly I gave up on him. Case and point. If I reckon correctly Cramer was calling for MRK and PFE to be killed about 9 months ago. The fundamental are horrible etc.. etc. Well at the time I was trading for more longer time frames, and fortunately for me I had position in MRK. I kept the possition and had a return of 15% in the matter of 3 weeks. Then I turned on Cramer once again, guess what he was still kicking the stock down. Well it didn't work out well for ppl who actually listened to him. Just to put it simply. fortunately I don't have time To see cramer but maybe I will give him 5 min b/c I need to see an idiot scream his head of......looks like my boss at Hollister. LOL.
  6. Cramer should be thrown off the air. He does more harm than good; and brings in novices who do not know jack shit about the market. The problem is the newbies get cleaned out. I would not be surprised if he had a second agenda with the stock pumping. You cannot compare Fast Money to Mad Money. Fast Money has real traders, not like Mad Money who just plays one on TV. On occasion, my picks and the traders are in line. They really should throw Mad Money on on Monday and Friday nights and have Fast Money on at 6:00 PM EST on weekdays. At least they are not phony. There. I said my piece..
  7. It wasnt Cramer that made KBHome go up. Cramer was the catalyst, but you have to put this in perspective.

    The above charts gives evidence that KBHome has been trading in a rough channel from the high30s/low40s up to 47 bucks since July. Most recently, it traded between 42-47 three different times.

    If you dont mind me saying, it wasnt wise to hold a short position in the low 42s because there was some evidence of channel trading in the prior weeks.

    Look towards the end of the chart. The move up was on heavier then average volume showing legitimacy. However, past Nov 20th we see a major drop off in volume, showing that buyers are waiting for the sellers to come in. At the very end, we see a candlestick which might signal a trend reversal.

    My prediction is that the floor and ceiling have been raised and KBHome will trade in a channel between 45 and 50 dollar range. There is no indication on the chart at this time that it will be able to break over the red line.

    So, my opinion, is that Cramer was a catalyst, but KBHome was also due for a correction because it was at the bottom of its trading range at that particular time.

    When looking at Cramers picks, you have to look at them in terms of the chart. In this case, he created a nice V-bottom on a stock that was channel traded.
  8. Again for me..My indulgence in his show, has nothing to do with his calls...I look for the quiet teaching voice as I can identify with some of that stuff...


    but then I watch and listen to satire to get inspiration too :) am i lieing to myself ? ...hehe

    By the way his "lightening round" is scripted or at the least has some "seed" calls...I am convinced of it...
  9. My problem with the show is the callers. Reminds me of a cult. When you see how he is treated like the god of the market, you can understand why the public gets cuaght up in and then slaughtered in everything from the market, to housing, to the next con on the block.

    Cramer on TV is like watching Jim Jones prepare his coolaid. You just know someone is going to get hurt.
  10. Bill Gates just bought a stake in KBH. This is what raised the bar.

    Just like the cramer effect, it'll wear off. Furthermore, the entire home sector has been buying up with the rest of the market's ??rational exuberance (pick the one you like better, rational or irrational).
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