Cramer's illigal trades and tactics? Take a look

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jimclark, Aug 8, 2007.

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  2. Two bananas were sitting on a river bank. A turd floats by and shouts "C'mon in, the waters fine". The one banana turns to the other and says "You believe that piece of shit?"
  3. LOL!
  4. I wish had recorded the original video on the street, that was priceless.
  5. This clip used to be on youtube but CNBC had it removed ... hehe

    And don't point at Cramer ... he's certainly not the only one who has ever done this tactic.
  6. maxpi


    Listening to him equivocate about what's legal and what is not... priceless bad philosophical argumentation where the definition of a word changes to support the position. He admits it's illegal but then he says it's legal because you can get away with it..:D
  7. I guess its illegal like speeding...
  8. Cramer is such a hack. He represents what most of the country thinks of when they picture a trader, a great disservice for all of us who do our homework, take risks, and sweat it out in the trenches moving toward profitability in our trading. He could only come up with semi-legal trading methods and when he felt the heat coming on and knew his game was up he hung it all up. I can't say that I've had stunning successes in trading so far, but I'm starting to level off, the winning frequency's increasing, and I am seeing the big picture and managing my trades better and better. All this without having to call sell-side desks on the Street and flat-out lying, acting like you're a big block trader and using that as your trading method. Real solid. Hack-tastic, even! Time for bed, I'm out....

    Trade well,
  9. Seriously, Cramer HAS to be thought of as a complete clown in the wall street community.

    A guy like Steve Cohen from SAC probably has as much respect for Cramer as he does Lindsay Lohan.

    This guy should've been a carny.
    #10     Aug 8, 2007