Cramer's Hedge Fund Days: Unusually Steady, Quarter After Quarter

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  2. an interesting thing is cramer has a negitive% return since 2002 when he started investing his own money in his aa port.

    Original Cost $3,804,570.00 Performance results listed here reflect values of stocks as of the close of the most recently completed trading day, and take into account dividends paid, interest earned and actual commissions paid. Results are updated overnight and posted prior to the market open the following business day. The YTD Return figures reflect changes since the first trading day of the current year. The Total Average Return figures reflect changes since 1/1/2002.
    Current Value $2,389,635.00
    Total Average Return -12.08%
    2008 YTD Return -37.19%

    S&P 500 Index
  3. "We are not going to get to the the July 15th lows. That was it!"

    - Jim Cramer, 31 July 2008
  4. 1. Cramer was a perma bull in a tech market that barely itself had a negative quarter from 1989 until 2000.

    2. SHITLOADS of funds averaged 25% per annum returns in the 1990's. NDX rose 3000% from 1989 to the 2000 highs.

    3. Cramer was HUGELY volatile during the quick corrections of 1997 and 1998.

    Summary:Neither Cramer's returns nor the "steadiness" of those returns were uncommon during the 90's. If anything his performance was merely pedestrian given the once in a lifetime strength of equity markets.
  5. • James J. Cramer, “Future of Business” New York Magazine
    “Goldman Sachs… finishes the year at $300 a share. Not a prediction — an inevitability.”
    Goldman Sachs’ share price was $78, and the firm announced its first quarterly loss — $2.2 billion.

    Via New York Magazine, comes this amusing collection of bad forecasts for the 2008 year: