Cramers has once again destroyed peoples lives

Discussion in 'Trading' started by piggie2000, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. yet again cramer was bullish at the top like a rabid crazed animal. mondays whole show was ignore all the pessimists and buy with both fists. YET AGAIN HE HAS DESTROYED PEOPLES LIVES AS THEY FOLLOW HIM. how many more does he have to kill before cnbc takes him off the air?
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    Serves them right for being a baboon and listening to him. The guy is nothing more than a cheerleader and if people listen to him it serves them right.
  3. I can give you a preview of his monolouge tonight ... "I hope you listened to me and took something off the table last week ..."

    If the market does tank and we're at Dow 8000 in a few months, I can guarantee you he will be telling his listeners how he called the top in Oct 2009.:p
  4. I don't care what you all say. I love Crames!!

    That being said, I get my financial advice from the guy caring the "I will pick stocks for food" sign guy at the median. I think he was a Lehman guy.
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    And once again he will blame shorts for market's decline.
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    I like watching cnbc after a 200 point drop in the market and seeing their reaction to this mornings job reports along with indexes down over 1% in premarket.
  7. Thank your lucky stars. because of cramer we can take advantage of the retail players
  8. Anyone who blindly follows Cramer deserves to have their lives ruined. I like Cramer, and think he has some good money making ideas at times. That being said, you are incredibly foolish to invest/trade based on ANYONE'S advice alone, let alone Cramer.
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    Cramer's job is to convince the retail idiots to do the exact opposite of what they should be doing. Someone has to take the other side of Goldman's trades.
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    I'm just curious, but do people really still watch his show???
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