Cramer's Fast and Furious

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  2. Remember is bullish call last year at this time INTC was the ticker symbol and TXN as well, he said who ever was selling would be sorry. Well INTC was on of the DOWS worst performers in 2004.

    You need to have your hear examined if you listen to either one of these blabbering idiots, Kudlow has made some general calls that turned out right, but he sticks to sectors.
  3. this is getting good..
  4. Archive his calls and lets go over them in 12 months.
  5. kudlow was only right because he stayed bullish all through the crash. stopped clock.
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    No kidding. 1 Month from now he'll devise his list of shortable picks and several of these will be on here. Reminds me of an old branch manager I traded with, 'well this stock's either going to 50 or it's going to the dollar'
  7. -5, -1, -2.3...not even including yest.
  8. I know Cramer has his share of stinkers, and he is not exactly Mr. Humble. Still, I think there was more to his idea of a Fast and Furious ETF than just mindless bullsihness. As I recall he noted the success of various ETF's and said what was needed was something for momentum traders, instead of the various sector ETF's.

    The Fast and Furious ETF would give you the ability to short a lot of beta on a downtick. Just hit the bid. You could also add a lot of beta very quickly. I don't know how this ETF correlates to the NDX, but I would guess it has a lot more juice since it avoids the drag of the slow movers like MSFT.

    Personally, I like the idea and would trade it. Probably a lot.
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