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  1. he mentions how his hedgefund was up more tham everyone esle's when the market tanked, here is the deal; Cramer used to work for goldman sachs and still had plenty of contacts there in fact thats where he borrowed money on margin. when the markets tanked,he took huge hits like everyone else/ the difference was that he was still able to borrow on margin when any other firm would have closed him out. this was due to his relationship with goldman. as the market was bottoming most hedge funds who were not afforder the generousity that cramer reieved from goldman simply went under. believe me,these other funds wanted to buy big time but they had huge margin calls just as cramer did. cramer was allowed to still trade while others were simply cut off. does that make cramer a good trader?
  2. I'll make this real easy for you guys. Go to Look at the tabs on the right side. See the names? When you click them, nothing will come up. Those links are about to go live, and you'll get the answers to your questions. I think ET lights up when that stuff goes live.

    You think we've been sitting around for three years with our thumbs up our collective asses?

    Also, go to Look at the "Elgindy Chat Room" transcripts. You'll see how the SEC picked its targets, and you'll see how the rich and famous became rich and famous. You'llsee why some guys can do the numbers year after year, no matter the size.

    The pages you see there are part of some 50,000 compiled. So, there's more. Enjoy. You're in for a treat.
  3. A good salesman