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    Cramer said buy CSCO, ORCL and HPQ

    LEN and UAUA

  2. For entertainment purpose only...
  3. You missed your buying opp. on the first three. Then again, Cramer has his own agenda.
  4. yeah....he needs he can unload his size to the public.
    he`ll sell you as much as you want to buy........guys a joke.
  5. does cramer even move size anymore?? i remember reading something someone posted the other day which was an alert from his newsletter that said "as you read this im going to buy 1500 shares of "XXX" and it was only a ten dollar stock, lol sounds like something someone on here would write, assuming anyone cares....
  6. only size Crapter moves is his ego.
  7. I've found shorting Cramer's picks have worked very well in my favor. Worked well when he recommended Nitromed and Viropharm. After hours you see the NASDAQ stocks move on his rec's. The next day they usually are penalized though. Never bought on another persons rec. Not a wise decision.
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    don't be mad you don't have cramer's bankroll
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    For you guys that are familiar with Cramer maybe you can answer a question I've had for a while.

    When he pumps a stock live on air it's easy to see on the ticker that people are piling in after hours either because they want to make a quick buck on his recomendation, or they actually believe the stock is a long term winner and want to get in early. By the time the average retail investor punches in an after hours market order for XYZ, its too late to capture the big initial move. What I want to know is, who are the first ones in that actually make money off of a quick in and out trade? Hedge funds?CNBC insiders?
    I know most people on ET think Cramer is a joke and that he's pumping these stocks for his own personal gain, but I actually respect the guy and don't believe he does anything dishonest....Buying his picks on the other hand is a completely different story.
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    he gives information about his picks. and he obviously has his own eccentric opinions about each stock. if you buy a stock because cramer says so, you're a dumbass. if you buy a stock because cramer inspired you to do your own research into the stock/industry/sector, then you're not a dumbass.

    if people didn't have any opinions about stocks, there would be no trading. so all the idiots that say cramer is a dumbass, must have lost a lot of money by buying his picks blindly.
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