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    You all can doubt Cramer as much as you want but he called the tech rally. Called GOOG running, and predicted good earnings from the tech companies 30 minutes ago on real money.
  2. Uhhhhhhhhhh....So did four thousand other analysts, and Money Managers.
  3. ElCubano


    by the looks of yhoo they be getting rocked

    16:31 YHOO prelim $0.13 vs $0.13 Reuters consensus; revs $875 mln, ex TAC vs $881.02 mln Reuters consensus

    down 3 sticks and bringing down goog with it

    goog down 9 stickers.......@ 4:33 PM

    goog down 12 @ 4:34pm

    yeah baby

    16:33 YHOO falls about 3 points following report; GOOG down 8 points in sympathy
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    woops never mind:D didnt see yhoo
  5. He's probably erasing YHOO and GOOG off his knuckles right now.
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    hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha...good one
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    OT, but in the same vein of silly analysts:

    2005-07-19 11:18 UTC: UBS Cuts IP to Neutral from Buy
    2005-07-19 12:31 UTC: IP Explores Sales/Spinoff of Other Businesses

    Stock runs up over 14% :)