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  1. cramer said on kudblow and cramer tonight we are going up 1000 points to 9500.some day he might accidently be right maybe this time.

    By James J. Cramer
    A Thousand Points of Dow
    It's not just wishful thinking; just look at the solid stair-stepping action we've gotten.
  2. y, cramer is a perma-bull...
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    I feel a lot better about my view of things the more Cramer gets bullish. :)
  4. is it possible that cramer once again proved to be the ultimate contrary indicator.
  5. Cramer attacked Jack Grubman yesterday and suggested that Cramer Berkowitz were short telcom stocks at the peak. I haven't looked it up, but I recall Cramer saying Grubman was a real moneymaker, that he followed him closely and I don't recall anything about being short telco. Anyone have the same memory or am I crazy?
  6. you are first he was praising grubman.
  7. Along with CNBC's market stories presented on its program, Cramer is an excellent CONTRARIAN Indicator!!!

    How did Cramer run his Hedge Fund? He calls it fundamental analysis! I call it "Information Flow". Cramer demanded inside information, first calls, and early notification by sell side traders and stock analysts at firms like Goldman Sachs, Solomon Bros., Lehman, DLJ, and other top tier Wall St. firm that were trying to buy his order flow!

    Why did Cramer leave his Hedge fund business? Its called Regulation FD (full disclosure). As soon as the great SEC chairman Arthur Levitt (NOT)!!!! proposed this law, Cramer knew he was done, he lost his edge!!!

    OH BTW..., who fully took advantage of Jim Cramer's Hedge Fund and the shady way of running that business?? No other than Elliott Spitzer the acting attorney general of New York!! Spitzer was an investor in Cramer's Hedge Fund!!!

  8. reflexive,

    Lot of truth to what you say. Cramer's book actually says exactly that. Interestingly, he more or less blames spitzer for the near ruin of his fund. Spitzer was running for office and needed to withdraw his funds. It was fall '98, when the markets were in confusion over LTCM. He says he felt obligated to let Spitzer have his money, but to do so he had to allow any other investors who wanted theirs to withdraw as well. Unfortunately, a lot of them wanted to do just that, and put him in the position of having to sell at the bottom to redeem them. At least that's his story.

    You might recall he made his famously wrong market crash call right at the bottom 10/98. In his book he credits his wife with coming in to the firm and saving everyone's bacon by cooly bottom picking the market and backing her bet with max margin. She must have a real pair of cojones. She was a trader for Mike Steinhardt back in the day, and I guess you had to be pretty tough with loads of street smarts to survive that.
  9. Yeah and Michael Steinhardt's way of managing money was to BUY information from Wall St. firms. Gee I wonder what that means? Read his interview in "Market Wizards" by Jack Schwager.

    Can you say: Goldman Sachs!!!!!!!!!!

    Former employer of Jimbo Cramer.
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    Was Steinhardt "Porky" in the book "Pit Bull" by Schwartz?
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