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    Did Cramer panic on NLY or what? So much for his insight.:D
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    crox,tma,csco,ua...he tried a mea culpa today on cnbs but couldnt...he should do hari kiri for all the novie investors he s led astray.
  4. Crames (I and a select few other call him Crames) can make you a lot of money.

    Just fade him.

    Don't take away our ultimate fade! Crames is money, baby!!!
  5. that guy is starting to be a little scary
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    What bothers me about Cramer and the advice he gives is that if his picks lose money, it does not directly affect him. He donates all his profits to charity and when a stock falls, it's just less for the charity and nothing out of his pocket. People take his word as gospel and buy everything he rec. without doing research.
  7. A fool and his money....
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    Plus he says "don't buy afterhours!" But then when a stock gaps up in afterhours and continues to rocket higher the next morning, he takes credit for his great call when there is no way a person can get a fill anywhere close to the stock's closing price. But that doesn't stop him from kissing himself.
  9. Cramer = Short opportunities.
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