Cramer you should be ashamed.

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  1. For misleading investors (Those who are not too versed in the markets)

    Telling people to unload equities now and buy GOLD!!!

    Classic sell low and buy high.

    Gold spreads will kill the individual investors, it is not as liquid as good high quality equities etc..

    What you should be doing today is building up long term positions in high quality equities. Reinvest dividends etc.. hold 10-20.

    (For young people this is a gift, load up now before the bus passes) hold and you will thank me 15 years from now.
  2. what does he have to be ashamed of?

    He's never been wrong.
  3. The so-called wall-of-shame is an interesting concept..there is so much information in that name.

    Once again, it is named in a manner that is deceptive, namely (pun intended!) in that the individuals on that WOS, including Cramer, in fact have no shame.

    So, it is better named, the Wall of No Shame.

    Like they give a shit or ever will.

    Only false contrition.

    'On with the Show!'
  4. dave74


    The stock market is such a dangerous game for beginners. Heck, it's even dangerous for experienced people.

    I agree with you about Cramer. I bet he has caused many people to lose alot of money. His show is jazzed up to increase the ratings, but people actually take his investing advice seriously.

    What beginners need to do first is read tons of books on the market, do lots of paper trading, and THEN they should get into the market.

    If I had taken that route, I would be one happy camper.
  5. He should have been canceled in 2006 when his picks underperformed in a BULL market. Countless viewers have lossed money on his picks.

    But somehow there always seems to be an endless influx of new, elated callers and his ratings remain subbornly high.
  6. how about yesterday hes saying sit on your hands, today hes saying only way to make money is to be in the market...
  7. cszulc


    Yesterday he said the only thing he'd consider buying is MTN and that WAS down today in a HUGE market up day!!!

    Idiotcy at best!
  8. lrm21


    I love Kramer!

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  9. LEAPup


    I agree! Btw, "Countless viewers have lossed (LOST!!!!) money on his picks."

    Sorry, couldn't help that one. Details, details... :D :D
    #10     Oct 1, 2008